Charlie Battery Soldiers Headed to FOB Delta

April 2009

By C Battery, 1-21 Field Artillery Battalion

C BTRY Soldiers

Photo Provided by C Battery, 1-21 FA BN

Soldiers from C Battery 1-21 Field Artillery Battalion, aboard a military C17 Airplane, are excited to be coming back home.

Families and Friends of C Battery,

As you all know, the C 1-21 FA main body has arrived at FOB Delta. Since we hit the ground our main focus was ensuring that our Soldiers were getting settled into their new living quarters. The living conditions are a step up from what we had in Basra, and consist of open rooms with bunk beds and wall lockers. We are planning to move our Soldiers into Container Housing Units (what we lived in at Camp Bucca) within the next several weeks. In the mean time, each platoon has their own living area and is enjoying their new home at FOB Delta!

FOB Delta has all of the life support amenities that you can imagine. There are several different “spaware” internet and phone centers, a movie theater, a great PX, a Green Bean coffee shop, a wonderful MWR center, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a even a softball field. The 2 biggest attractions on the FOB are the gym and the DFAC. There are 2 gym tents, one with cardio machines and free weights and the other with an aerobics room and nautilus/ hammer strength machines. The DFAC is amazing. There are so many different choices of food, it is impossible to get tired of it. In addition to the main food line and the short order line, there is a sandwich bar, a taco and pasta bar, a health food section, a caesar salad making station, a cake and cookie bar, an ice cream bar, and a milkshake and smoothie bar! This move has really improved our living conditions.

The most important opportunity that came with this move to FOB Delta was reuniting the C Battery main body with our Soldiers in 2nd platoon. After a short integration process into the 41st Fires Brigade’s area of operation we will assume our mission of escorting and securing the Provincial Reconstruction Teams operating within Wasit Province.

Please know that your soldiers are working hard, and that we all look forward to seeing everyone when we redeploy in July.