NCO and Soldier of the Month Board

20 January 2010

By SFC Farrin W. Kerr, HHB, 1-21 Field Artillery Battalion

SGT Cornstubble

Photo by SGT Heather N. Henry

SGT Joshua Cornstubble, Alpha Battery, 1-21 FA BN, wins the NCO of the Month Board.

PFC Anderson

Photo by SGT Heather N. Henry

PFC Wesley Anderson, Alpha Battery, 1-21 FA BN, wins the Soldier of the Month Board.

At the end, there could only be one winner in each category of the 1st Battalion 21st Field Artillery January NCO/Soldier of the Month board. Those winners were SGT Joshua Cornstubble, Alpha Battery 1-21 FA, and PFC Wesley Anderson, Alpha Battery 1-21 FA.

On 20 January, Noncommissioned Officers and Soldiers from the battalion competed against each other to vie for title of most knowledgeable NCO and enlisted Soldier in the unit. The four NCO’s and three Soldier’s competing during the board showcased their abilities to look and act professional, and recite knowledge in various categories under intense pressure which separated them from their peers. For winning the board, Cornstubble and Anderson were recommended for the Army Achievement Award.

During NCO/Soldier of the Month boards, the President of the Board assigns different knowledge areas to members of the board and all participants will be asked identical questions. Knowledge areas for Noncommissioned Officers include leadership, Soldier skills, training and NCO development to name a few. Soldiers are required to answer questions from areas such as Warrior Tasks, equipment maintenance, and counseling among others. Points are given by board members on the NCO and Soldier’s ability to answer questions, their poise and clarity, uniform appearance, and most importantly their ability to show confidence in themselves and their answers. At the end of the competition the points awarded to the NCO’s and Soldiers by the board members are added up and the President of the Board declares a winner in each category based on the highest score.

Noncommissioned Officers competing in the January Board were the following: SGT Joshua Cornstubble, Alpha Battery; SGT Jeffrey Williams, HHB Battery; SGT Andrew Trepanier, Charlie Battery; SGT Timothy Andress, 575th Forward Support Company.

Soldiers competing in the January Board were the following: SPC Jeremiah Anderson, HHB Battery; PFC Wesley Anderson, Alpha Battery; SPC Jonathon Thompson, Bravo Battery.