First Strike Vision

A combat-ready TEAM of professionals that is physically fit & mentally tough, hits the target, and are experts in MLRS operations. We are proud to serve in America’s Army and take care of each other and our families.

Command Philosophy

•    “SOLDIERS” - Taking care of Soldiers and their families is our top priority. Combat is a human endeavor. •    “READINESS” – The call will come on our watch. “On the first day of war, you are only as good as you were on the last day of training.” Ask yourself daily if you, your Soldiers, and their families are ready for deployment. “What have I done today to help prepare my unit for war?”
•    “VALUES” – Know and live the 7 Army Values and instill the Warrior Ethos in your Soldiers by your example. Live by the Golden Rule and treat others with dignity and respect. •    “TRAIN” – Drill and rehearse the fundamentals. Physical fitness, individual weapon skills, and gunnery. Well-trained sections and TEAMS will always carry the day.
•    “MAINTAIN” - When the call comes, we go with what we have. Maintenance=Readiness. “If something is broken, call it broken and get it fixed.”   •    “COMMUNICATION” – Open and continuous communications, are key to accomplishing the mission. They go up, down, left, and right for every Soldier. Disagreement is not disrespect.
•    “LOYALTY” - Honesty up and down the chain of command. The only way to build trust and confidence in each other. •    “OPTIMISM” – It is contagious and instills mission accomplishment. It can be done.
•    “DISCIPLINE” – The soul of our Army. Do “the right thing,” all the time, no matter who is watching or who will know. •    “STANDARDS” – Attention to detail and exacting standards are our trademark. “What one man does, another man checks”
•    “QUIET PROFESSIONAL” - Be humble. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Always maintain a sense of humor. •    “TEAMWORK” – There is no “I” in TEAM. We are a TEAM of TEAMS in the Corps, BDE, Battalion, our Families, and the Community. Be a TEAM player. Develop Soldier-Family TEAMS that exemplify the best in America. “How can I help?”
•    “BALANCE” - Keep everything in perspective. Take leave. Make life predictable for your Soldiers and their families. •    “HAVE FUN” – Enjoy being a proud member of the American profession of arms and the First Strike Team.
                                    •    “SAFETY” – The final consideration in everything we do.                                                                                Safety and Risk Management are an integral part of everything we do                                                                                                             .…. both on and off duty.