Step 1 - Account Request and Checklist

  1. Open the Account Request Form (link at bottom) and fill out the top portion only.

  2. Rank: Select your Rank from the drop-down box.

  3. First Name: Type in your First Name.

  4. MI: Type in your Middle Initial, leave blank if you don't have one.

  5. Last Name: Type in your last name and any suffix (Sr., Jr., III, etc).

  6. AKO User Name: Enter your AKO user name (without the!)

  7. User's Battery: Select your unit from the drop-down box.

  8. Supervisor: Enter your Supervisor's Rank and Last Name

  9. 10-Digit DoD ID Number: Enter the 10-Digit DoD ID Number (NOT your SSN if you have an old card!!!) located on the back of your ID card, OR click on the second box to digitally sign the form instead.

  10. Cyber Challenge Exam Date: Click on the box and open calendar to choose date you passed and received the Cyber Challenge Exam Certificate. If you haven't taken it yet, leave blank.

  11. DISA Email? Leave Blank if unknown. Select No if you know you do not have one. Select Yes if you do have one.

  12. If yes, address: If you selected Yes in the last question, enter your user name (the portion before the "").

  13. Click on the "Print Form" button

  14. Proceed to Step 2


Account Request Form