Hispanic Heritage Celebration

It was a celebration for all as soldiers with the 13th COSCOM celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month on the afternoon of September 16 at the Palmer theater. It was a celebration full of great music, dancing, and food to highlight the great accomplishments of Spanish Americans throughout history.

What was only celebrated for a week is now a month long celebration that goes from September 15 to October 15.

Hispanic Heritage Month evolved from a Congressional declaration of Hispanic heritage week in 1968. It was to be celebrated during the week of September 15, covering a wide number of Independence Days of Latin American countries. In 1988, the celebration of Hispanic Heritage was officially extended to 31 days.

Lt. Col. Bryant Harp, the commander for the 36th Medical Battalion mentioned some of the highlights that Spanish Americans have made throughout history. The influence that starts as early as the discover of America. He mentioned that Hispanic Americans have been heroes in the war, have influenced City names, architecture, have been actors and actresses, doctors, and even athletes like Roberto Clemente.

The Maxdell Tapestry dancers danced such dances as "The Mexican Hat Dance" and the Meringue. The dancers also paid a special tribute to all soldiers when they danced to the song "I'm proud to be an American." The dancers were dressed in patriotic dress of red, white, or dark blue t-shirts and carried similar bandanas like banners to twirl around as the dancers moved across the stage.

The latin beat of the music had the soldiers in the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet with the music. Some soldiers stood up from their seats and danced to the music too.

After all the dancing was done, the audience was able to sample some food from the Hispanic Heritage.