289th Team Hoops It Up at BB Tourney

Story by Sgt Ann Woletz
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Staff Sgt. Steven Murphy, a member of the 289th 3-on-3 basketball team scored two half court shots to score two 50 pointers in a match between the 289th against the COSCOM gym team to win the match 109-2.

Over the three-day tournament held at the COSCOM gym held between September 15 to 17, the 289th team defeated one team after another to claim first place in the tournament.

The team from the SGS, 13th COSCOM, came in second place while the COSCOM gym team came in third place.

The tournament started out slow with some teams failing to show up for matches, but soon the action on the court picked up. The tournament was a double elimination tournament with matches lasting 20 minutes. Trophies were handed out to the top three teams after the championship game.

In matches played on September 16, the SGS team beat the gym team 35-26. The game came down to the last five minutes with the gym team scoring 10 points to take the lead, but the SGS team took the lead back by scoring 10 points.

The 289th team beat the 62nd Engineer team 26-24 in a close match play that came down to the final 30 seconds on the clock.

In the championship match on September 17, the 289th team beat the SGS team in game 1 with a score of 29-23. In the first game, the SGS team was leading when Spc. Jemoral Jackson from the 289th team scored 10 points to take over the lead in the game.

The 289th team also won game 2 with a score of 16-10. It was a low scoring game with both teams staying close to the hoop when scoring. The game went back and forth during the 20-minute match play before the final buzzer sounded to end the game.