190th and 597th Maintenance Companies Deactivate

It was a rainy, somber day that brought the deactivation of the 190th Maintenance Company and the 597th Maintenance Company at the Kieschnick Gym on the afternoon of October 9.

The soldiers of the two units were standing proudly behind the unit's first sergeants during the ceremony that made the deactivation of the units a reality.

After awards were presented to the two unit commanders, the two unit's guidons were slowly rolled up and covered. The guidon's were then returned to the battalion commander to be put away in history until the unit's are possibly reactivated sometime far in the future.

The 190th Maintenance Company provided general support and back up direct support maintenance to III Corps and Fort Hood units specializing in component rebuild for tracked and wheeled vehicles, communications and electronics, communications and security equipment, intelligence electronic warfare and printed circuit card repair. The 190th Maintenance Company was originally activated on June 27, 1942 at Camp Bowie, Texas.

The 597th Maintenance Company provided direct support maintenance and class XI repair part supply support to III Corps and Fort Hood units specializing in wheeled vehicle repair, communications and electronics fuel and electrical repair and rebuild small arms repair, ground support equipment and allied trades.

The 597th Maintenance Company was originally constituted on October 19, 1944 as the 597th Engineer Light Equipment Company.

Both units have been exceptional in all that they have accomplished. Capt. Marvin Walker, the commander for the 597th Maintenance Company, said to his soldiers that there never was any mission to tough that the soldiers couldn't handle. Walker said that the soldiers not only met the standard, but the soldiers usually succeeded the standard. Walker is going to Fort Irwin, Ca. to be an Observer Controller at the National Training Center.

In his parting speech to his soldiers, Capt. John Adams, the commander for the 190th Maintenance Company, made a special tribute to his father, Forrest G. Adams, whom Adams said was his hero. Adam's father had a distinguished military career starting with being drafted in the Marines during World War II. His father joined the Army Air Corps in 1945 and later served in the Air Force. His father worked in the Pentagon before retiring. Adams is going to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to serve on the BCTP.

1st Sgt. Malcolm Curry, the first sergeant for the 190th Maintenance Company, will soon be deploying to take a first sergeant position over in Iraq. 1st Sgt. Eustace Abbott, the first sergeant for the 597th Maintenance Company will be leaving for Korea in the near future.

Abbott said that it was a dream come true for him to be the first sergeant for the 597th Maintenance Company for the past eight months. At one time, Abbot was a motor sergeant with the 597th Maintenance Company.

The soldiers of the two units will be getting orders to other units. Some soldiers have orders with units that fall under the 4th Infantry Division.

"I'm very sad to see both units go," said Sgt. Guadalupe Reyes, a soldier with the 597th Maintenance Company, "I was once a member of the 190th Maintenance Company."

"The hardest part will be going from a non-divisional unit to a divisional unit, but I'm ready for anything," said Reyes.


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597th Soldiers

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1Sgt. Curry passes guidon to Capt. Adams

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1Sgt. Eustace passes guidon to Capt. Walker