The 13th COSCOM cases colors as troops get set to deploy

Story and Photos by Sgt. Ann Venturato
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Although units in the 13th COSCOM have deployed to provide support in Operation Iraqi Freedom, now it is the Headquarters of the 13th COSCOM that is getting set to deploy to provide support in the second rotation of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The mission of the 13th COSCOM will be to provide logistical support to Coalition Joint Task Force Seven in Iraq during the upcoming deployment.

The 13th COSCOM colors were cased in a deployment and retreat ceremony held on the afternoon of December 18 at Sadowski Field on Fort Hood.

Along with the casing of the 13th COSCOM colors, the colors of the battalions and companies in the 13th COSCOM who are set to deploy also cased their colors.

"The colors will soon be flying free in the Arabian Peninsula," said Col. James Chambers, the commander for the 13th COSCOM. "We go proudly and will come back together as you see us now."

The casing of the COSCOM colors are a symbol of the Soldiers dedication as they get set to take the stand for liberty and justice, said Lt. Col. Al Lowe, the chaplain for the 13th COSCOM.

"Remember the Soldiers behind the colors as they get ready to deploy," said Chambers, "and remember the families of the Soldiers, as the Soldiers get ready for war."

One of those Soldiers is Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Elder, the command sergeant major for the 13th COSCOM, who is no stranger to deploying. Elder deployed to Bosnia for nine months in 1991 as a first sergeant for a maintenance company in the 1st Armored Division.

Elder has the job of ensuring that soldiers in the command are trained and ready for any upcoming mission.


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