Army to Update ID Cards and DEERS for Reserve Component

The Army announced today ongoing initiatives to update Reserve Component Soldiers and family members' identification cards and information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

Due to the extension of Army National Guard (ARNG) and U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers on active duty in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, the Army estimates as many as 55,000 Soldiers will need new identification cards while still in the theater of operations. Limited access to system connectivity in these countries and a widely dispersed population that needs replacement identification cards, make it necessary to expedite issuance of these cards, which convey benefits and privileges and will act as the Soldiers' Geneva Conventions card.

In addition to the mobilized Soldiers affected, there are an estimated 95,000 family members who will require new ID cards, and also require that their eligibility for services and access to facilities be updated in the DEERS.

In order to update DEERS, a Soldier's tour end date must be updated in the component personnel information systems. Updating this information depends on what type of extension they fall under. Of the estimated 55,000 Soldiers that require ID cards, approximately 10,000 have already had their tour dates extended and DEERS information updated.

RC Soldiers on their first or second year of mobilization fall under Title 10 United States Code 12302 for a maximum 24 month partial mobilization. Extension orders by unit, once approved, are forwarded from the Army G3 to theater.

Units will compile and forward a by-name roster of Soldiers who will be extended on active duty past 365 days through U.S. Army Human Resources Command-Alexandria (AHRC) to individual state Joint Forces Headquarters, AHRC-St Louis and the USAR Regional Readiness Commands (RRC). These rosters will help ensure all Soldiers are accounted for in the extension process in order to ensure correct eligibility for all benefits.

Joint Forces Headquarters in each state and the RRCs will amend the original mobilization orders and distribute them to ARNG and Reserve Soldiers and their respective units. These orders will ensure there are continued pay and benefits and proper fiscal tracking. Upon receipt of the roster of extended personnel, both the ARNG and AHRC-St. Louis will update eligibility end dates in their personnel systems, which in turn updates DEERS.

Once the new date is posted to DEERS, Soldiers and family members can get a new ID card at any DoD ID Card issuance facility.

Family members do not need the signature of their sponsor in order to get a new card. Regulations permit issuance to family members of deployed Soldiers without a signed DD Form 1172, Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card - DEERS Enrollment, as long as eligibility can be confirmed in the DEERS system. Family members wishing to confirm eligibility can call 1-800-538-9552 or 1-800-334-4162 (California), 1-800-527-5602 (Alaska and Hawaii).

Family members can locate the nearest ID card issuing facility at the Rapids Site Locator web page at [ HTTP://WWW.DMDC.OSD.MIL/RSL ].

If DEERS fails to reflect the extension, family members can call the RC Personnel Services Support Division in AHRC-Alexandria for assistance, commercial 703-325-0083. For other DEERS issues, family members can call the DEERS/Realtime Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) Project Office, commercial 703-325-2595.

The AHRC-Alexandria DEERS/RAPIDS Support Office will transmit a MILPER message to the field reinforced by a DoD wide email message to all DEERS/RAPIDS offices in the very near future to alert them to this issue and what they should do to support these Soldiers and family members.