Unit representatives provide voice for Anaconda Soldiers

Story and photos by Sgt. Ann Venturato
13th COSCOM Public Affairs

The Anaconda Soldier and Airman Council, a joint council comprised of junior enlisted Soldiers to voice the suggestions of all Soldiers on MWR structured programs, held their second meeting on the afternoon of March 4 at the Distinguished Visitors Quarters here at LSA Anaconda.

"Many commanders and leaders are working very hard to make life here on Anaconda better and this just kind of helps us do a gut check with the Soldiers to make sure that the things that we are trying to do are the things that they would like to see happen," said Command Sgt. Maj. Dan Elder, the command sergeant major for the 13th COSCOM.

"The council is here to help the Soldiers out and to identify their problems and to get the problems fixed or have them brought up to the attention of someone else so they might be fixed," said Pfc. Amanda Clark, the ASAC president.

A lot of times we are able to solve our own problems in the meetings and any problem that can't be solved within the meeting is addressed to Sgt. Maj. Michael Patterson, the MWR facilities sergeant major, said Clark.

Sgt. Maj. Michael Patterson then brings those issues to the top non-commissioned officers on post and to those agencies on post to help resolve the issues, added Clark.

"We are trying to get the main subordinate commands to have representatives at the meetings so their units will have a voice of what is going on here," said Clark.

"The concept is for the Soldiers to use it as a forum to voice their desires, needs, and things they would like to see happen on the installation," said Elder, "We will bring in other services as they join Anaconda,"

"The junior Soldiers of the Army are sometimes the unsung voice. Their voices aren't always heard, not that leaders don't listen to them because I believe they do. But collectively I think we need to kind of get a feeling for the pulse, and the representatives kind of do that for their units," said Elder

"The council is a voice for all Soldiers here on Anaconda," said Elder, "That particular council member has the opportunity to go back and solicit other Soldiers thoughts on certain issues here on the installation and then they can be the voice for that battalion or that brigade. So we can make sure we are getting quality services and facilities for all Soldiers here. Not just for the council members but for everybody."

Johnny Johnson, the KBR manager for the MWR, briefed the council on the new construction plans for the new gym and MWR facilities on post.

Issues discussed at the meeting where the schedule and policy for the MWR tent, as well as issues dealing with the opening of the movie theater.


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