Story by Pfc. Eric Rodriguez
13th COSCOM Public Affairs

LSA Anaconda greeted a cluster of comedians with open arms, Feb. 20. Five comedians, who were more than eager to bring smiles to the faces of soldiers, were part of the Comics on Duty World Tour, holding two separate performances in the base MWR tent. The performance was well received by a crowd of more than 100 soldiers and civilians who made little effort to control the grins on their faces.

"The most amazing thing that anyone has said to me happened in Iraq," said Tom Irwin, one of the comedians with the Comics on Duty World Tour and also a former Soldier. "A captain came up to me and told me 'day-in-day out I know that I am in Iraq. Today, for about two hours, you and the other comedians made me forget that I was here. Thank you..' What a compliment!" Not only was Tom Irwin receiving compliments but - along with the other comedians -he was also giving them out.

"Thank you very much," he told the crowd. "It takes a lot to do what it is that you [Soldiers] are doing for America. You make me proud to be an American."

"It is amazing what Soldiers go through out here, in terms of the surrounding environment, family and emotional distress, and the constant threat on their lives," said comedian Jennifer Rawlings. "I'm only glad I can do my part by bringing a little bit of laughter into their lives." Judging from the roaring sound of claps and hoots, the performance was exceptionally successful. The Comics on Duty World Tour will be coming back in April with a new line-up of comedians who will bring more jokes than one can shake a stick at.

"Be there or be square," said comedian Tony Daro, laughing.


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