Education Center Hosts Open House to Recognize Instructors

Story by Sgt. Ann Venturato

The Camp Anaconda Education Center, which is scheduled to be the first full service education center in Iraq this summer, hosted an open house for the command sergeant majors on the afternoon of March 14.

"The event was held to bid hail and farewell to instructors at the education center," said Maj. Kristi Hilton, the education center officer, "Hopefully by the end of May or the first week of June, we should be scheduled to open the new education center."

The new education center will be located in building 4136, which is next to the Distinguished Visitors Quarters.

The new education center will have two offices, a testing room, a study room and a computer lab, so the education center will meet the standards for the Headquarters for the Department of the Army, said Hilton.

"The computer lab will start off with 22 computers which will be for education only. We won't be running any Internet stuff. If Soldiers need to come there for two or three hours and do their courses, then they can have unlimited time on the computers," said Hilton.

Current services offered by the education center are three-week classes so Soldiers can improve their GT score, and the center has two computers in which Soldiers can come and register for courses on line, said Hilton.

"It's good to see Soldiers come here and get excited about learning stuff," said Sgt. Joshua Jarrell, an instructor at the education center from the 282nd Quartermaster Company.

For now, any testing that need to be done, such as for the GRE and the ACT; a Soldier has to go to Doha, Kuwait to take the test, which means the Soldier will be gone for a minimum of three days, said Hilton.

"A team of counselors from Germany is scheduled to arrive sometime in June," said Hilton. "They will be able to provide us with testing services and some minimal counseling services."

Some Soldiers come to the education to improve their GT score, so they can re-enlist for a different job, added Hilton, while other Soldiers come to the education center to register for courses to continue with their college education while they deployed.

"Soldiers have goals they want to meet," said Hilton.

The education center is here to support all who live here on LSA Anaconda to meet their educational goals, said Hilton.

The future goal of the education center is to offer college courses here for the Soldiers, said Hilton. Several soldiers who work for colleges and are talking to their colleges back in the states, because they want to teach college classes here, added Hilton.

"Since the start of the program here, we have had 150 to 200 students enroll in the GT improvement course and have had over 500 Soldiers take the Test Adult Basic Education," said Sgt. Liberato Figueroa, an instructor at the education center from the 316th Quartermaster Company.


spc george kerns and spc jorge lopez
spc george kerns and spc jorge lopez

spc gregg heil
spc gregg heil at education center