Congressmen come to town

Story by Spc. James Truitt
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Congressional Representatives from Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, and Washington arrived on LSA Anaconda to meet with senior officials and service members, March 21.

"I want you to know that the people of Texas are deeply grateful for what you are doing," said Congressman Chet Edwards, from Texas while having dinner with soldiers from his state. "But there are no words of gratitude that can express my deep appreciation to you, for your sacrifice, and service to your country."

Edwards has served over twelve years in Congress and was elected to his seventh term as the U.S. Representative for the 11th Congressional District of Texas, last year. His Central Texas District includes Fort Hood, the largest Army post in the United States and home to III Corps. He is also co-chairman of the bipartisan House Army Caucus.

"It's good to know they care enough to come out here and talk to us about our issues," said Pfc. Lakaycha Hood, HHC, Special Troops Battalion, 13th Corps Support Command.

"I just want to say thanks," said Edwards. "When I think about Americans having to leave their loved ones including their children for a year to protect our country, to make this a safer world, and to protect my family; it's just the most humbling feeling. "

The other representatives present were John D. "JD" Haysworth, R-Ariz, Darrell Issa, R-Calif., Joe Knollenberg, R- Mich., Rodger Wicker R- Miss, and Richard "Doc" Hastings, R- Wash. Their visit was notice to some service members that they had not been forgotten.

"It's good to know that they care enough to come out here, meet the people, and see what we're doing," said Chief Warrant Officer Don Clayton, 185th Aviation Group.