Clean Canal, Clean Water


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — The U.S. Army and local citizens will team up to improve irrigation and water quality by cleaning up a local canal network here over the next month.

Soldiers from the 13th Corps Support Command civil affairs section and the 512th Engineers here supervised the award of the U.S. funded, $90K contract and will monitor the project that provides work for up to 500 nearby villagers.

Village leaders here cite water for irrigation and drinking as their number one need.

Workers advised by U.S. Army engineers will clear brush and debris from the canal making the irrigation system more efficient and improving the quality of crops.

Cleaning the canal is one of a series of initiatives designed to improve local quality of life by providing both jobs and much needed improvements.

13th COSCOM civil affairs soldiers are also working on improving the quality of water by funding the construction of wells and a water treatment facility.