Dressing for success starts on camp

By Sgt. Ann Venturato
Assitant editor

Success in any field starts with dressing for success. You only get one time to make a first impression. So being in the proper uniform is important.

If you look great you will hopefully feel great as well, which will contribute to doing a great job at completing your missions.

There is no feeling greater than having a job well done. Take pride in what you do and how you dress.

There is some truth in that if you dress like a dirt bag, you can also get a reputation as being a dirt bag Soldier.

Just because you are deployed to the dusty environment of Iraq is no reason to start being a dirt bag Soldier.

Success in Iraq means wearing the DCU properly with the shirtsleeves properly fastened at the wrists and trousers bloused properly.

Uniforms are meant to be clean, serviceable and fit properly. So if your uniforms are feeling a little snug, you might need to cut down on the fried foods, work out in the new gym or talk to your supply sergeant about getting a larger sized unform.

In addition to proper fit, it is important to stay in the proper uniform and not mix and match uniforms.

DCUs are the only daily uniforms authorized, as posted by Brig. Gen. James E. Chambers, 13th COSCOM commander for LSA Anaconda. The physical fitness uniform may be worn after duty hours to the theater and the post exchange as well as Morale and Welfare Recreational facilities. On Sundays, PTs may be worn all day even in the dining facilities.

Brown t-shirts and PT shorts do not go together and Kevlars are meant to protect the top of the head with the chin strap buckled.

Speaking of Kevlars, it is an absolute must to wear the Kevlar while operating a Humvee or any military vehicle.

T-shirts are meant to be tucked in and not hanging out like you're hanging out back on the block.

DCU shirts are meant to be worn to protect the Soldier from the sun and are not meant to be forgotten when outside. If you have been driving around in your brown t-shirt, you are wrong.

It is also important to have a proper haircut so your hair is not hanging down past your collar or falling into your eyes.

Your weapon is also part of your uniform. You should know where it is at all times and maintain it in good working order. Your weapon is an important accessory to being in the proper uniform.

The only thing that separates us from the animals is the ability to accessorize. So don't leave your weapon unattended or unguarded while getting food in the dining facilities.

Don't be afraid to square your buddy away if he is looking a little ragged around the edges.

The uniform police are out there watching and waiting to catch the next uniform infraction. So don't be caught looking like a dirt bag.

The key to this deployment is to survive it and go home again to put on those BDUs and black.