Freedom Calls


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Forty 13th Corps Support Command soldiers at Camp Cooke near Taji spent a virtual Father's Day with their families in Arizona thanks to technology donated to the Army by the Freedom Calls Foundation.

Members of the Arizona National Guard's 3666th Maintenance Company were each allowed 20-25 min. of time alone with their loved ones who traveled to a Scottsdale, Arizona corporate headquarters to use one of four video teleconferancing rooms made available for the occasion.

The Camp Cooke facility provides high-speed Internet access, Internet protocol phones and video- teleconferencing free to deployed servicemembers and civilians.

In recent weeks the Freedom Calls facility has allowed dozens of deployed parents to participate in school graduations, united families with new babies and facilitated a wedding by proxy with a deployed bride and a stateside groom.

The Freedom Calls Foundation is a non-profit charity formed solely to donate the technology to set-up these facilities. The Foundation has no affiliation with the Army, Department of Defense or any U.S. Government agency.

Additional Freedom Calls facilities are planned for Iraq and Afghanistan.