Satellite unit serves Victory post Soldiers

By Pfc. Abel Trevino
Staff writer

Camp Victory North is home to the 1st Cavalry Division, but the backbone of its postal operations belongs to a satellite 13th Corps Support Command unit, the 151st Postal Company.

"We're based out of Fort Hood with the 13th COSCOM, we deployed underneath the 13th COSCOM, but when we got here, [Central Command] sent two platoons in different directions, one to support the COSCOM and one to support the Cav," said Sgt. Lonnie L. Larry, NCOIC of the 151st Postal Co.

Although their headquarters is based at LSA Anaconda, the postal company feels right at home.

"They've actually taken pretty good care of us," 2nd Lt. Jeanette Molina, 151st Postal Co., said.

She commented that their living conditions were great, and that the division was getting items such as refrigerators, microwaves and extra mattresses to make them more comfortable.

"Our morale has been pretty high, due to our living conditions being good. We have a brand new PX right across the street that just opened up so we get to go there, it's walking distance. We really can't complain about too much, aside from the heat," she said.

Most importantly, the division supplied them with a new post office, which they dedicated to one of their fallen soldiers June 1.

"We had brought up the idea to rename this post office after Spc. Frances Marie Vega," Molina said. "We wanted to do this for her. Especially since the 151st works with the post office, we wanted to do something for her to make sure that her memory lived on."

Vega is the only soldier from the 151st Postal Co. killed in action.

"Frances Vega, she was a great soldier, she was one of my soldiers to be exact. She was definitely a good soldier to have on your team. She always found a way to make things happen. It was sad when we lost her," Larry said.

The 151st Postal Co. handles mail for 10 to 12 thousand Soldiers. "Mail comes in, mail goes out, we do anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 lbs of outgoing and incoming mail daily," Larry said. Molina is proud of her troops' hard work. "Our soldiers are hidden heroes. They work hard everyday for the soldiers so they can get their mail. They come in every day of the week, they work 7 days a week, to make sure our soldiers get their mail and that the mail goes out to their family members in as quick a fashion as fast as possible. They care about what they do," she said.