Clinic opens in Al Bu Hasan

By Pfc. Abel Trevino

On July 15, the local villagers of Al Bu Hasan, 4th Corps Materiel Management Center and 13th Corps Support Command Civil Affairs cut the ribbon celebrating a new medical clinic.

The renovation on the medical clinic, which was sponsored by the 4th CMMC, began in mid-May and took nearly eight weeks to complete. This is the second project the 4th CMMC has sponsored as part of Operation Anaconda Neighborhood.

"We finished with the school in Anwar and I approached the [Civil Affairs office] about a new project," said Capt. John P. Wishart, HHC 4th CMMC commander.

Wishart helped spearhead the sponsorship of the clinic after having lunch with the village sheik, who mentioned the need of a medical clinic for his village, a facility it had never had before.

"The sheik was going out on a limb doing business with the Americans. He needed to do something to benefit his villagers and tribe," Wishart said. "Plus, there's a big conference that sheik has in September and a lot of other sheiks will be there and see the village and clinic. [The clinic] is right beside the road."

The clinic was placed in a highly visible area, so it was necessary for it to be aesthetically pleasing, while remaining functional.

"[The original building] was in pretty bad condition. They expanded the whole thing by at least two-thirds and chipped off all the old plaster by hand," said Wishart.

The end product was proof of what determination and taking pride in ownership can produce.

"It was phenomenal. I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship," Wishart said. "And the community, they will be real impressed with it," Wishart said.

The villagers are now able to boast of having a medical clinic to provide assistance to their ill and Soldiers can take pride in providing necessary humanitarian aid to the local nationals.

"[My Soldiers] love it because it is something different for them to see. They work in logistics, so this is a really good thing to see," said Wishart. "I think they enjoy it."

Beyond personal satisfaction to individual Soldiers, the sponsoring units and the post benefit from goodwill projects such as the medical clinic.

"There are several ways units benefit [from these projects]," Wishart said. "Soldiers can see a different aspect of this deployment. Second, they provide a positive benefit for the Iraqi people, a positive impact on the quality of life for them."

Wishart also added that by extending the friendship beyond the borders of the post in ways that demonstrate the military's good intentions, it will paint a positive picture for the locals to put on the American faces here. The village sheik unveiled a plaque naming the clinic after 13th COSCOM Soldiers who sponsored the project.

The next project the 4th CMMC plans to undertake as part of Operation Anaconda Neighborhood is a water purification plant. The project is still in its inception state, but there are several potential location sites in the surrounding areas.