Combat Airman Awarded Combat Patch


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — More than 200 Airmen attached to the Army's 13th Corps Support Command were awarded the shoulder-sleeve insignia for former wartime service during a ceremony here Wednesday.

Members of the 2632nd Air Expeditionary Force truck company received their combat patches from Lt. Col. Greg Akin commander of the 7th Transportation Battalion, the company's next higher headquarters.

The members of the company put in the blood, sweat and tears, said Capt. Alex Devoe, the company commander. They are the ones I am most proud of.

The 2632nd's has served 6-months in Iraq providing combat service support and convoy protection to Coalition units.

The company wasted no time earning the respect of their Army peers who now refer to them as combat Airmen.

The 2632nd will wear the 13th COSCOM patch on the right shoulder signifying combat service with the COSCOM.