13th COSCOM adopts the new Military to Home Video Network

By SGT Green

13 COSCOM recently adopted the MWR supported program in order to better help families of deployed soldiers deal with the separation. The program allows family members to make a two-minute recording that they can E-mail to their deployed soldier.

The 13 COSCOM Family Readiness Group Leader, Mrs. Debbie Hightower anticipates that every company that has soldiers deployed will have a Military to Home Station available sometime in the next couple of months. COSCOM supports both 4ID and 3rd CAV, and is as a result constantly deploying soldiers to various locations around the world. During the most recent deployment, Mrs. Theresa Hernandez, a spouse of a deployed 3rd CAV soldier began the implementation of the Military to Home program that led to every company in the regiment supporting the program with their own individual computer stations specifically designed for the Military to Home Program.

Mr. Fred Cook, the webmaster for the 13 COSCOM web site has volunteered to assist family members who come to the 13 COSCOM Public Affairs Office to use the Military to Home station. "I'll always help people who come in here that need it." Cook was also the first family member to use the program to send a message to his father, a Command Sergeant Major who is currently deployed to Iraq.


news photo
13 COSCOM Public Affairs Officer Maj. Debra Summerlin teaches Mrs. Gloria Elder how to use the new Military to Home Program.