Anaconda Troops Bring Summer Fun to Local Kids


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Anaconda-based soldiers teamed up July 29 to bring a taste of summer fun to nearly 300 children at Bakr Village near here.

Members of the Fort Lewis, Wash.based 29th Signal Battalion, the Camp Murray, Wash. based 81st Brigade Combat Team and the 84th Engineer Battalion from Hawaii showed the Disney-PIXAR animated classic, "Monsters Inc," and passed out donated toys.

The toys were donated by various organizations and some private citizens, said Sgt. 1st Class Tommy Carson, the 29th Sig. Bn.'s non-commissioned officer in charge of retention. We plan to pass out some school supplies in a month or so to help them prepare for the new school year, he added.

Events like the fun day are part of a continuing initiative by Anaconda-based units to improve the quality of life in villages surrounding the camp.

Since January the 13th COSCOM assistant chief of staff for civil affairs has funded over $2M for the construction of schools, clinics and water systems with the bulk of the construction done by local labor.