COSCOM CG Receives Transportation Corps Honor


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — The 13th COSCOM commanding general has been selected as a Distinguished Member of the Transportation Corps Regiment and was recognized in a short ceremony here Monday.

Brig. Gen. James E. Chambers was formally inducted during the Nineteenth Annual Transportation Corps Regimental Review held at Fort Eustis, Virginia July 23. He was unable to attend the ceremony.

Chambers was recognized during a Multi-National Corps - Iraq general officer meeting by MNC-I deputy commanding general, Maj. Gen. Walt Natynczyk.

Brig. Gen. Chambers pushes 200-300 convoys a day with thousands of vehicles and feels as if he's in the cab of each one, said Natynczyk.

"Your selection as a DMOR is a direct reflection on your achievements and contributions to our Corps and places you in the ranks of the most notable transporters," said Maj. Gen. Brian I. Geehan, the Army Chief of Transportation, in the letter notifying Chambers of his selection.

The Distinguished Member of the Regiment is open to all Transportation Corps members who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service and performance for or on behalf of the Transportation Corps.