MWR construction uses metal, rebar and workers

By Pfc. Abel Trevino
28th Public Affairs Detachment

Construction on the new Morale, Welfare and Recreation facility near the post exchange is expected to be completed in early September. The building that has been under construction since late April will prove to be a better environment than the tents that currently houses the MWR facility.

"Some of the benefits the facility has over the tents are more space, each area is sectioned off and a much cleaner environment," Command Sgt. Maj. Michael L. Patterson, MWR command sergeant major for LSA Anaconda, said.

"The facility offers Soldiers more activities to do, better set up for staff to provide quality service to the Soldiers and everything is located in one structure. Soldiers don't have to go from one tent to another."

The building was designed to offer separate rooms for the various activities MWR provides for the troops.

"The building is 2,200 square meters," said Atakan Kulak, site manager for the construction site. "It's going to have a concert hall inside, library, multimedia room, a lounge where people can play pool and table tennis and a [videogame] room."

The new facilities are part of the ongoing schedule to continuously improve upon the existing MWR program for LSA Anaconda.

MWR provides Soldiers with facilities and special events that are intended to allow service members a chance to relax and enjoy themselves while deployed. The program is expected to take advantage of the space offered by the building and develop farther based on the requirements and needs of the Soldiers, said Patterson.

The second MWR center, still under construction near Dining Facility 4, will be completed at a later date.

Editor's Note: Pfc. Trevino is assigned to the 28th Public Affairs Detachment from Fort Lewis, Wash. He is currently deployed to Iraq in support of the 13th Corps Support Command at LSA Anaconda.


news photo
(LOGISTICS SUPPORT AREA ANACONDA, Balad, Iraq) - Construction workers on a scaffold hang the laminated sheetboard that will create the interior walls of the new Morale, Welfare and Recreation center here Aug. 12 . (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Abel Trevino)