New Furniture Arrives for al-Hatamia School


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Some local school children will start the new school year with new furniture in their classrooms thanks to cooperation between a Wisconsin-based civic organization and 13th COSCOM civil affairs Soldiers.

The Greenville, Wis. Lions Club culminated a 10-month effort Aug. 2 with the delivery of more than 7,500 pounds of new school furniture to the al-Hatamia School. The furniture included enough desks, chairs and bookcases for the 400 students who attend the school. The new furniture is worth in excess on $15,000.

Coordination for the furniture donation began last October between the Lions Club and Soldiers from the 308th Civil Affairs Brigade. When the 308th CA Bde. redeployed, the 13th COSCOM civil affairs staff took over the coordination effort.

The Air Force flew the donated furniture on a space-available basis to Iraq and a local trucking company delivered the furniture from Baghdad to the school.

The old furniture from the school will be used to furnish a newly-constructed school in the village of Al Bu Shalash.

Since their arrival in January the 13th COSCOM has funded more than $2.7 million in infrastructure improvements in the areas surrounding LSA Anaconda.