Task Force Vigilant Freedom distributes school supplies


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Some local school children have new supplies to start the school year thanks to friends and family members of Anaconda-based Soldiers.

Soldiers from Task Force Vigilant Freedom distributed backpacks full of school supplies to more than 50 children who attend Al-Hurriya school in the village of Abu Shalash. The task force sponsored the renovation of the school in conjunction with Operation Anaconda Neighborhood and celebrated the grand opening June 29.

When the TF commander, Lt. Col. Marie Stagg, sent her family pictures of the grand opening ceremony they shared the photos with co-workers and friends and the idea to send school supplies to the children was born.

Several companies and families in northern Virginia generously donated the fully stocked book bags, which included paper, pens, toys and even calculators for the older students. They also sent books, maps and atlases for the teachers to use.

The task force plans to distribute additional school supplies to Al-Hurriya and another local area school that they sponsor.

Since January the 13th COSCOM's Operation Anaconda Neighborhood has funded more than $3.1 million in infrastructure improvements in the villages surrounding LSA Anaconda.