A little story

By Pfc. Abel Trevino
28th Public Affairs Detachment

Sgt. Justin Scott Little hesitated slightly when he talked about combat. Beneath his short, chopped red hair he remembered seeing the things most people at LSA Anaconda never will, from a perspective fewer still will never experience here.

Little of Alpha Troop, 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment is the commander's gunner. His primary weapon is the mounted M2 .50 caliber machine gun.

"I like my job," said Little, a scout since he joined the Army in 2000.

His job brought him to Iraq, where he has learned valuable life-saving skills.

"I learned the that the most important thing is situational awareness in my many experiences in [Operation Iraqi Freedom], to be aware of my surroundings at all times," he said.

The revelation came to him after traveling the roads of Iraq and meeting combat head on.

"[We] came under attack [under an overpass] in downtown Baghdad [targeted] with multiple forms of attacks - grenades, [improvised explosive devices], mortars and small arms fire," he said about one of the experiences he will not ever forget.

He reacted the way he had been trained.

"It's a surreal feeling, everything is [slow-motion]. You really don't think, you just react like you've been trained to during a contact," Little said.

Despite the encounters and possibilities of danger, Little doesn't consider that his greatest fear.

"My biggest fear in the whole world is heights," he said. "The Stryker is kind of high and sometimes it feels like it's going to flip and sometimes that gets to me."

Little and his Stryker unit are from Fort Lewis, Wash., but his Army career started in Germany.

Little spent three years in Germany before moving to Fort Lewis, where he spent only a month before deploying to Iraq. The arid environment of Iraq is a far cry from what Little misses most about home - the milder weather.

"I like to hunt, fish and camp. But I haven't really had that much time off lately," he quipped.

Fort Lewis is a choice station for Little because of its proximity to outdoor recreation and home.

"I like hanging out with friends and family," he said.

Little was one member of Alpha Troop who traveled 1400 kilometers from July 17 to 21 while escorting the Republic of Korea Army from Tallil to Irbil, north of the Green Line.

Editors Note: Pfc. Trevino is a member of the 28th Public Affairs Detachment. He is currently deployed to LSA Anaconda in Balad, Iraq where he is supporting the 13th Corps Support Command.


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SGT Justin Scott Little