Anaconda Soldiers Help Provide Clean Water


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — The 13th COSCOM civil affairs staff inspected the progress of a project designed to bring clean drinking water to a village near here Aug. 18.

The Army funded $75K for construction of the filtration and chlorination system that will serve over 500 residents in Al Bu Bali.

We have a series of these projects designed to bring water purification into villages that are too far out of range for a municipal system, said Lt. Col. Chuck Pritchard, the 13th COSCOM civil affairs water project officer.

The system is expected to be ready in about 30 days and will bring water from the nearby Tigris River through the system and into the village.

Local labor will complete the project providing additional jobs and income for the area around the LSA.

The Al Bu Bali water system is one of over 30 local infrastructure and water projects being managed by the 13th COSCOM civil affairs staff.

Since January over $4M has been spent to improve local schools, clinics and irrigation systems.