Camp bus line develops color coded system

By Pfc. Abel Trevino
28th Public Affairs Detachment

LOGISTICS SUPPORT AREA ANACONDA, Balad, Iraq — For those traveling around LSA Anaconda, taking the bus is an alternative to walking.

"The bus is available to everyone, so if you needed to get to somewhere, to the [post exchange], to the theater, the bus is a good way to get there," said Jack Davis, fleet manager for the buses.

Buses on camp run 24 hours a day and bus routes are coordinated by color, with transfer points available all around post.

"There are notices and maps posted at all the bus stops, so all one needs to do is just look up [at the bus stop] and find out where they want to go and which route best suits them and then just get on that bus. There are designated transfer points," Davis said.

The bus changed systems on Sept. 6, going from a North-South based bus line system, to the current color-coded one. Bus routes are now designated by the colors red, green, blue, orange, brown, purple and black, with two buses running each route every 15-18 minutes during peak traffic. One bus runs each route between midnight and 6 a.m. Transfer points are scattered throughout the post. These transfer points, similar to public transportation systems in major cities, are bus stops that multiple lines stop at, which allow bus travelers to change lines easily.

"Once you know the bus system, it's easy to use," said Spc. Nathan Lucatorta, 29th Signal Battalion. "It's a quick and convenient way to get to my destination." Other Soldiers concur with the ease of use, after familiarization with the new system.

"We got lost a little bit, but after a few days we got used to it," said Spc. Christopher Smith, a passenger from the 208th Transportation Company. For people traveling around the post, the bus system beats the elements.

"The bus makes life a lot easier, with the weather and the heat," said rider John Sanford.

For most commuters, distance between destinations is the main reason they ride the bus.

"If I come to the [post exchange] I take the bus. I live over in [tent city]," said Air Force Staff Sgt. Leah Gordon.

For those not living at LSA Anaconda, the bus system provides a convenient way to travel around post.

"This isn't our [forward operating base]," said Sgt. James L. Galaz, a visitor from Camp Speicher. "We just asked the bus driver where things are and he helps us get there."

The new color-coordinated bus lines are designed to streamline bus traffic and create an easier to use method for the riders.

Although in its fledgling stages, it is based on a method used in major cities around the world for mass transit.

Editor's Note: Pfc. Trevino is assigned to the 28th Public Affairs Detachment from Fort Lewis, Wash. He is currently deployed to Iraq in support of the 13th Corps Support Command at LSA Anaconda.