13th COSCOM Welcomes Commander's Visit

By Sgt Angela Green

Brig. Gen. James E. Chambers, Commander of the 13th Corps Support Command, spent two hours with his senior leadership on a visit home from Iraq recently.

Presently one brigade, the Corps Distribution Command, and the Command Headquarters are deployed in support Of Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

Chambers spoke of the conditions in Iraq and at LSA Anaconda, the base camp for the 13th COSCOM. "I'm not going to paint rosy pictures. The roads are still dangerous." These words sparked special attention by these leaders because most are planning a third deployment in support of OIF III.

The 13th COSCOM is derived primarily of support soldiers such as, supply, engineers, maintenance, medical, and transportation. During this recent deployment the 13th COSCOM has driven over 13,750,000 miles, purified more than 110,000,000 gallons of water, treated more than 12,000 patience, issued hundreds of thousands of supplies and repair parts, and continues to publish a weekly newspaper, The Anaconda Times. The unit has also suffered five deaths and twenty-two casualties. "The news you hear is negative, of every one bad thing you hear, I will tell you that there is ten good."

More than three hundred pairs of eyes were fixed on their Commander as he presented them with a slide show presentation of current conditions and statistics in Iraq. "It is important that you train the soldiers. Train them well, train them hard, train them in the most grueling circumstances possible."

Due to the efforts of soldiers of the 13th COSCOM many schools have been reopened, important bridges have been built, local civilians have received medical examinations and dental care, and vital energy that was cut off by Saddam Hussein's former regime restored in many areas to the people of Iraq.

Chambers closed with positive words about the soldiers of the 13th COSCOM who have effected so much positive change in a most desperate country, "All soldiers are volunteer, lock, stock, and barrel. They are the greatest soldiers in the world and I am proud of them."


news photo
Brig. Gen. James E. Chambers emphasized intense training and proper preparedness in his address to the leadership of the 13th COSCOM during his recent visit home from Iraq.(Photo by Sgt. Angela Green, 13th COSCOM PAO)