Mad Dogs Fly Hostage to Safety


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Army aviators based here flew a repatriated hostage to safety somewhere in Iraq September 21.

An aircrew from Company B, 1st Battalion 106th Aviation was diverted from a routine mission over Baghdad to pick up the woman, later identified as Fairuz Yamulky, a Canadian citizen who had been missing for 16 days.

"It was no more dangerous than any other mission over Baghdad," said Capt. Dan Lyons, the Chicago-based commander of Co. B and pilot on the mission, during a live interview with CTV's Canada AM program Sept. 24.

Yamulky was picked up at an undisclosed location and flown to a military medical facility.

"It was great to be involved and help out a citizen helping Iraq," said Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Lemens also a Chicago resident and pilot on the flight. "I'm proud to represent the Illinois National Guard and our fellow guardsmen for that matter."

Co. B, known as the Mad Dogs, is a Chicago-based Illinois Army National Guard unit responsible for transporting personnel and supplies throughout Iraq.