New Chapel Opens


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Service members and civilians have a new place to worship as the Anaconda community celebrated the presentation of a new chapel here Sep. 17.

Provider Chapel opened today providing a 350-seat venue that the community can use for worship and study.

The need for a new chapel became evident in February after strong winds collapsed the previous chapel tent on six separate occasions.

"We completely destroyed three tents, moved to the mayor's cell building, then to the theater and now we finally have our own building for services," said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Al Lowe, the 13th COSCOM Chaplain.

The Yuksel Company of Turkey constructed the new $325,000 chapel in about seven weeks. The facility has two 25-seat rooms for classes and meetings as well as indoor bathroom facilities.

The chapel will provide a place of worship for service members of all religions and faiths here.

Construction on a second chapel facility located on the west side of post is expected to be complete in six weeks.