Army Ten-Miler coming to LSA Anaconda

By Sgt. Ann Venturato

LOGISTICS SUPPORT AREA ANACONDA, Balad, Iraq — Service members all around Iraq and Kuwait will be pounding the pavement to get ready for the second annual LSA Anaconda Army Ten-Miler Oct. 24.

The race is open to all service members as well as civilians who want to participate. Registration begins Oct. 1, said Maj. Willie Rios, race coordinator. Interested runners can sign up at registration booths that will be set up in Dining Facility 1 and Dining Facility 4. Runners will even be able to register for the race by e-mail or they can also register the night prior to the race during the pre-race dinner, Rios said.

The pre-race dinner, which is a tradition of the Army Ten-Miler, will be held at Dining Facility 1 so runners can feast on pasta to energize for the race.

Like the Association of the United States Army race it shadows, the LSA Anaconda Ten-Miler will award trophies the top three runners in each age group. All runners who finish the race will receive a commemorative race medal. Race t-shirts will be available for purchase as well.

Those who are interested in the race but don't want to run the full 10 miles can get a team together to run the four-person relay event. Each runner on the team will run two and a half miles.

The race will begin at 7 a.m. Oct. 24 with participants lining up at the starting line in front of the outdoor pool.

"The race will begin and end at the stadium here," Rios said. "The route for the race intertwines throughout a lot of the post."

On race day, the running route will be blocked off and a vehicle will lead the field of runners to keep them safe from traffic, he added.

"Our goal is to get about 2,000 participants," Rios said. When 3rd Corps Support Command hosted the race last year, about 1,500 runners participated. We are continuing the tradition of holding a shadow Ten-Miler at Anaconda, he added.

This race helps build esprit-de-corps and teamwork. It is a chance for service members to do something that people are doing back in the United States as well.

"Soldiers love a challenge and this race provides Soldiers with another challenge," Rios said.

Units across Anaconda have contributed to the challenge of making the race a success. Planning for the race began in March and is in full swing as the race date approaches.

All the coordination will pay off when all the runners are racing down the streets of LSA Anaconda in just a few short weeks.