CSM Garcia Retires, Renews Wedding Vows

Spc. Joel F. Gibson

The Command Sergeant Major of the 544th Maintenance Battalion celebrated his retirement and the deactivation of his unit at the officers' club where Lt. Col. Christopher J. Wicker, commander of the 544th praised Garcia's dedication to duty in a tearful speech to friends, family, and soldiers attending the dinner.

As a surprise to his wife, Patricia, Garcia asked Maj. Jerald Jacobs, a 13th COSCOM chaplain, to officiate a ceremony renewing their wedding vows. The dinner fell on the eve of their 10th Wedding anniversary. "I was just in shock, It didn't hit me until later" said Patricia on the phone to a friend while returning from a honeymoon trip to Garcia's home town of San Antonio this weekend.

Command Sgt. Maj. Edwardo M. Garcia Jr. will retire after 30 years of active service that began in Fort Polk in December 1974, where he trained as an infantryman. The first assignment Garcia served was with the 1st Cavalry Division. After his first enlistment, Garcia reclassified to be a track vehicle repairer. Since that time, he has served with distinction in assignments at Fort Riley, Fort Bragg, and Germany before returning to Fort Hood.

Garcia is a graduate of the First Sergeant Course, Battle Staff Course, Sergeant's Major Academy Class 47, and the Command Sergeant Major Course. He also holds an associate's degree from Central Texas College.

As the Command Sergeant Major of the 544th Maintenance Battalion, Garcia was the senior noncommissioned officer in a unit that provided direct support maintenance to the 95 customer units of the 263rd Maintenance Company and all other non-divisional units in III Corps.


news photo
Command Sgt. Maj. Edwardo M. Garcia seats his spouse, Patricia at the head table during a dining out Friday night.