CSM Addresses Troops During Recent Visit

By Sgt Green
13 COSCOM Public Affairs

Fort Hood — "It is our responsibility to build a trained and prepared Army" Command Sgt. Maj. Dan Elder of the 13th Corps Support Command sent this strong message in an address to noncommissioned Officers during a visit home from Iraq.

Many Changes have occurred as a result of strategic planning following 9-11 and in lieu of the Global war on Terrorism. Elder clarified the expectation that NCO's change with it and fight for the time they need to train.

Recently there have been aggressive changes in training and unit arrangements in 13th COSCOM. Intense Live Fire training and more rigorous weekly Sergeants Time Training tops the list.

Other changes include a restructuring plan taking place over the next few months that will enable the 13th COSCOM to better meet the needs of future military operations as well as a closer examination of the needs of the Family Readiness Groups.

Elder also focused on the importance of preserving as many quality soldiers as possible. Because of the unique technical nature of the 13th COSCOM, it is imperative that the units maintain as many experienced soldiers as possible. Some however, are choosing not to reenlist or extend their contracts as a result of constant deployments.

Elder's message was unmistakable in that taking the best possible care of soldiers and their families may increase re-enlistments and also help separating soldiers maintain a positive attitude about their time in service.

Currently one brigade, the Corps Distribution Command and the Command Group of the 13th COSCOM are deployed to LSA Anaconda, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. More soldiers are scheduled to deploy in coming months.

Soldiers from the 13th COSCOM who are scheduled to go will benefit from the enhanced training they are required to receive before departure. It is the expectation of the leadership that such training will decrease the number of casualties while in theater.


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Command Sgt. Maj. Dan Elder addresses troops during recent visit