544th deactivation

By Sgt. Angela D. Green

The 544th Maintenance Battalion, born 60 years ago during World War II, went through a Deactivation Ceremony this month at Guidon Field outside the 13th COSCOM Headquarters.

In his farewell speech, LTC Christopher J. Wicker, Commander of the 544th Maintenance Battalion thanked his soldiers, leadership, family members, and the battalion's civilian sponsors Materials Transportation Company. He also reguarded the soldiers of the 544th Maintenance Battalion as "creators and problem solvers" spending a few moments to go over some highlights of their recent deployment to Iraq.

The Battalion, originally composed of five companies, began the deactivation process in the spring of 2002 with the 190th Maintenance Company and the 597th Maintenance Company. 565th Quartermaster Company and 263rd Maintenance Company have recently been assigned to other Battalions in the 13th COSCOM.

Wicker ended his speech with this tearful message: "every warehouse worker who pulled a back muscle loading customers' parts, and every mechanic who busted their knuckles on customer stuff, I am proud to have shared this crest and this patch with each and every one of you, and be the last battalion commander."

He then saluted his formation and uttered the words, "This is Patriot 6. Out."


news photo
LTC Christopher J. Wicker, Commander of the 544th Maintenance Battalion holds his battalion guidon for CSM Edwardo Garcia Jr. to incase at their deactivation ceremony this month.