Soldiers distribute school supplies, smiles


LSA ANACONDA, BALAD, Iraq — Smiling children shouting joyfully filled a nearby school as Soldiers distributed stuffed animals, clothes, book bags and school supplies during a civil affairs mission in Al Anwar village Oct 9.

Soldiers from the 4th Corps Materiel Management Center sponsored the $32,000 reconstruction of the village school this summer and returned yesterday to help the children start the school year with new school supplies donated by the American public.

Units participating in Operation Anaconda Neighborhood, a 13th Corps Support Command sponsored Civil Affairs operation designed to improve the infrastructure and quality of life for local villages, will be distributing school supplies and celebrating the opening of new schools throughout the month of October.

Since their arrival in January, the 13th COSCOM has sponsored $4.2 million worth of infrastructure improvements, including school reconstruction, medical clinic construction and water treatment projects in the villages surrounding LSA Anaconda.