Soldiers complete exercise at BLORA

Story by Pfc. Fabian Ortega
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Soldiers of the 13 Corps Support Command 62nd Engineer Combat Battalion completed a two-week field training exercise at BLORA lake Feb. 10.

Capt. Charlie G. Fagerquist, the battalion adjutant, said the 62nd ECB is determined on preparing itself for the hardships of deployment.

"We are intent in having the best-trained and most prepared soldiers in the army," said Fagerquist. "Every soldier is incredibly important to us and even though our training is difficult and has dangers, we take proper measures to ensure no soldier loses their combat effectiveness."

This was the battalion's first full training mission since returning from Iraq in March 2004.

Soldiers trained under different conditions and scenarios, ranging from rafting vehicles over murky waters in the twilight, to training in the daybreak with live fire.

"Our soldiers are receiving some great training," said Capt. Christina Cook, the 74th Multi-Role Bridge company commander.

The 74th MRB recently had an influx of new Soldiers; Cook said the two-week FTX was necessary training for them.

"Running with live rounds and rafting over waters at night with (night vision goggles) was great for me because I just recently became an NCO and a squad leader, so I needed the hands-on training," said Cpl. Frank P. Bruno, a bridge crewmember with the 74th MRB. "Being a newcomer, this (training) really helped motivate me and my soldiers."

The 62nd ECB considers itself the Army's best builders, and want to be the first unit in the command's mind when an important construction project arrives.

"Our soldiers take pride in what they do and want to be the builders of choice when a commander or general has an important project," said Fagerquist.


Spc Christopher M Richson
Spc. Christopher M. Richson, a light and heavy wheeled vehicle mechanic with the 68th Combat Support Equipment Company, fires his M-4 during live-fire training at Owl Creek Assault Course Feb. 10. The 68th conducted the live-fire exercise as part of a two-week field training exercise.