NCO/Soldier of the Year

June 10, 2005
Story by Pvt. Crystal D. Eldridge
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Non-commissioned officers and Soldiers of the 13th Corps Support Command competed June 6 and 7 for NCO/Soldier of the Year behind the COSCOM gym.

Staff Sgt. John Honeycutt, of the 49th Transportation Battalion, came out victorious in this year's event against some of the COSCOM's finest NCOs. He credits this achievement to his experiences with several branches of the Army and the fact that he has seen combat and had to use basic Soldiering skills in a hostile environment.

Cpl. Vearl Goins of the 1st Medical Brigade, 21st Combat Support Hospital, is this year's Soldier of the Year. Goins had only two weeks to prepare, but when he was told he would be participating in the event, he knew he just had to "move out and draw fire." Besides, he said, it was an honor to represent his brigade.

Goins now has the opportunity to represent not only his brigade but the entire COSCOM as well. He and Honeycutt will participate in the 3 Corps NCO/Soldier of the Year competition.


Staff Sgt Honeycutt
Staff Sgt. Honeycutt finds his location on the Fort Hood map.