A day with the CG

Story by Pfc. Quala C. Joiner
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

Pfc. Joiner wrote this after spending a day conducting Hurricane Katrina relief operations with Brig. Gen. Michael J. Terry, Commander, 13th Corps Support Command. COSCOM "Soldiers of the Day" are selected for excellent duty performance and are afforded the opportunity to travel with Terry for a day.

NEW ORLEANS — Every year, New Orleans is threatened by a big hurricane and all its devastation.

Like many other residents, I was in the city when Hurricane Katrina was on the way.

I was at home on a four-day pass retrieving all my belongings after graduating from advanced individual training to become a signal support specialist.

My family and I continued along with our daily routine like we had during so many other hurricane scares before Katrina.

On Sunday, while watching the news, I saw the size of the storm that was only a matter of hours away.

We weren't really alarmed because the city was still under a voluntary evacuation order, but we left just to be on the safe side.

I'm glad we left in time, because our house is currently under water.

I volunteered to deploy, because I wanted to see the devastation firsthand, and help with the disaster relief.

I was honored that Brig. Gen. Michael J. Terry chose me to accompany him for a day.

I was able to see, from the seat of a Blackhawk helicopter, what Katrina left of New Orleans.

As far back as I can remember, New Orleans has never been a city that has been silenced for any long period of time.

I believe that it will not be silenced by this Hurricane.