COSCOM BOSS program sponsors Halloween Party

Story by Pfc. Crystal Eldridge
13th COSCOM Public Affairs Office

13th Corps Support Command's Better Opportunities for Single Servicemembers program sponsored a Halloween party for COSCOM's single Soldiers October 27 at the Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center.

The party began with Tony's Karaoke and Variety Dance DJ's sounds echoing throughout the gym. Tunes such as "Purple People Eater" and the theme from "The Addams Family" gave partygoers a trip back in time before more hardcore party and techno beats filled the night. Strobe lights and smoke filtered in among balloons to give the center a festive yet eerie atmosphere.

Snacks and beverages were spread out on a table off to the side of the gym. A large sheet cake of orange and brown lay, amidst bowls of candy and pans of hot dogs, ready to be eaten by 'ghouls and goblins.'

A witch fluttered around the cloth-covered table, whisking away cups of ice and soda. A fairy in pink flickered from one area to the next, mingling with cowboys and vampires.

One young man, clad in black from head to toe and flashing pearly-white fangs, vaulted from one side of the gym to the next, his movements enhanced by blue light and curtains of smoke.

This man, trained in martial arts, was invited to the party while he visited a friend in the COSCOM barracks. His outfit, featuring combat boots and long black overcoat, gave him the look of a partygoer. That was not his intention, however.

"This is how I always dress," said Pfc. Andrew L. Presley of 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. "I was just visiting a friend. Thought I'd come see what was going on."

Rather than just seeing, Presley decided to be seen. He stretched his legs and back, bouncing up and down to loosen up. Then he rolled his head from side to side, working out any tightness.

Stretching completed, he flashed his fangs and ran, hands over head and then head under feet. Smoke billowed and lights flickered as his black overcoat fanned out. In a Matrix-like display, Presley completed somersaults and roundhouse kicks for the onlookers to enjoy.

Impromptu activities such as this marked the evening. Dancers popped up among clouds of multi-colored balloons, their techniques as varied as their outfits. Clusters of single Soldiers materialized as conversations were sparked between friends and strangers.

Most importantly, said 1st Medical Brigade's Command Sergeant Maj. Kevin B. Stuart, single Soldiers who live in the barracks were given the opportunity to interact in a safe and fun environment.

Stuart, who has been a single Soldier his entire military career, continued by stating that more non-alcohol related activities could be scheduled with the help of the Soldiers themselves.

"All I can say to single Soldiers is - get inspired. Get out there and do it. If you don't do it, nobody else will," Stuart added.

The BOSS program is an excellent way for Soldiers to make things happen for themselves, Stuart went on. The three-pillared program is in place for Soldiers' well-being, community service and quality of life. A huge part of this is recreation and leisure activities such as the Halloween party, Stuart explained.

Stuart concluded by urging single Soldiers to get involved with the program by offering suggestions for future events.

"Make a difference."


news photo
Pfc. Andrew L. Presley of 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, prepares to feast at the 13th Corps Support Command's BOSS-sponsored Halloween party Oct. 27. Presley was visiting a friend in the COSCOM barracks when he was invited to the party. Photo by Pfc. Crystal D. Eldridge, 13th COSCOM Public Affairs Specialist