13th SC(E) Supports Adopted Schools

Story by Sgt. Joel F. Gibson
13th SC(E) Public Affairs

Soldiers from three battalions in the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) closed out the school year by participating in events and ceremonies with students from their battalions' respective adopted schools during May.

According to the adopt-a-school website, each campus in the Killeen Independent School District has a Fort Hood unit whose Soldiers work with the school. The soldiers are great role models for the students and serve a valuable role in the success of many programs in the schools.

The 4th Corps Materiel Management Center assisted the Hay Branch Elementary School with a field day May 12 on school grounds in Killeen.

Students participated in events including a balloon-toss, tug of war, various jumping competitions, and relay races.

"I think (the Soldiers) were really professional," said Hay Branch assistant principal David M. Rushton, "(The Soldiers) helped out a lot; they came up with good suggestions, like having a covered area for the kids to rest in, out of the sun."

Rushton continued, "Having (the Soldiers) was a big asset, and we really appreciate having them."

Soldiers of the Special Troops Battalion collaborated with East Ward Elementary School for field day activities May 11 and 12, and for a 5th Grade Ribboning Ceremony May 24, honoring graduates of the 5th grade.

The ribboning ceremony kicked off with a dinner for parents and students in attendance, Soldiers from the STB handed out food and drinks in the cafeteria.

"It was wonderful to have the Soldiers' help," said Alice E. Wilson, principal's secretary at East Ward, "It's always good to have extra hands and extra eyes when you're dealing with children."

Soldiers of the 49th Transportation Battalion assisted the Meredith-Dunbar Elementary School in Temple with their production of "The Wizard of Oz," which culminated in seven showings May 1 through May 6, and their 5th grade graduation ceremony May 25.

"(The Soldiers of the 49th) helped us with the production from January to May, and after the play, they helped us break down the sets and take them to the storage area," said Meredith-Dunbar principal Rhonda K. Etheridge.

"When we had our big production, we invited the Soldiers and their families to come watch what they had been so big a part of," continued Etheridge.

"I think (the adopt-a-school program) is needed," said Etheridge, "The students need positive role models, and we couldn't ask for better."

All three battalions are preparing to deploy this summer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Pvt Khristine K Tamisin
Pvt. Khristine K. Tamisin, a an administrative specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), hands a dinner roll to a student at the East Ward Elementary School, at their 5th grade ribboning ceremony dinner May 24. The ceremony, held to recognize the completion of 5th grade, was supported by the STB, the school's adopted unit. Photo by Sgt. Joel F. Gibson, 13th SC(E) Public Affairs

Sgt Travis W Gordon
Sgt. Travis W. Gordon, a transportation management noncommissioned officer in the 259th Movement Control Team, 49th Transportation Battalion, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) hands a certificate of achievement to a student at Meredith-Dunbar Elementary in Temple during the school's 5th grade graduation ceremony May 25. The 49th is the adopted unit of Meredith-Dunbar. Photo by Sgt. Joel F. Gibson, 13th SC(E) Public Affairs