Foreign Officers visit 555th FST, 1st Med Bde

by Spc. Fabian Ortega
13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) PAO

Officers from various countries with the Medical Strategic Leadership Program stopped by Fort Hood and the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)’s 1st Medical Brigade Oct. 18 giving officers an overview of III Corps medical capabilities.

Officers from, Argentina, France, Canada, Nepal, Malaysia and Indonesia, stopped by the 555th Forward Surgical Team, 1st Med. Bde., motorpool where three surgical areas were enclosed in tents for their visit.

“The purpose for the visit was to develop international relations and to gain a better understanding of a forward surgical team,” said Maj. Gregory P. Hubbs, chief nurse with the 555th FST.

555th FST gave a brief overview of typical medical equipment utilized by forward surgical teams in support of combat operations.

Visitors were very receptive, they asked many questions, said Hubbs.

The 555th familiarized foreign officers with its mission to deploy lifesaving operating room capability forward to save the lives of those whose injuries would not survive transport to rear area hospitals.


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