Temple Leaders Tour Ft Hood

Spc. Fabian Ortega
13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) PAO

13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) hosted community leaders from the city of Temple during a tour here at Fort Hood Oct. 10.

Temple leaders were given an opportunity to see some of the training simulators such as the Close Combat Tactical Trainer and Small Arms simulator and also caught a glimpse of the housing community here at Fort Hood.

“Our visit was to give an understanding to the leaders in Temple as to what goes on out here on Fort Hood and acclimate them to the importance of Fort Hood in our community, overall,” said Buddy Bell, Director of the Temple Business Incubator.

“We’ve come out here for several years, each year is always enlightening,” said Bell. “We always found, both the people we’ve met with and the demonstrations we’ve been given to be very genuine.”

Temple leaders have always been impressed with the enthusiasm that all military personnel show for their particular job, said Bell.

The Temple Leadership Tour has become an annual event Bell and other leaders look forward to.

“We toured this time last year,” Bell said. “We tour every October and each time we are very impressed and amazed with the fact that the technology available to us as society is equally on par with what we have for our military,” he said.  “The military is right there on the cutting edge helping to keep our Soldiers safe overseas; I think the training they receive is on the cutting edge.”

Bell said the city of Temple spends its tax dollars wisely and Fort Hood is a product of that. 

“From what I’ve seen, I believe our Soldiers are adequately trained and I am impressed with the fact that (Soldiers) are in simulators 95 percent of the time before they are ever out in the field using equipment,” said Bell, speaking of tankers and the Close Combat Tactical Trainer Simulator. “(Temple) is spending (tax payer’s) dollars wisely getting equipment for Soldiers,” Bell added.

For the Temple leadership tour, Bell and other leaders toured the Commanche II model home and the Commanche III Community Center giving Temple leaders some insight on the quality of life for Soldiers on Fort Hood.

The tour ended with a brief stop at the Fire Station on post for a demonstration put on by the military working dogs. The dogs showed the procedure for apprehending someone posing a threat to their handlers.

Bell said he was thankful to all the personnel involved in helping put the Temple Leadership Tour together and expressed the city of Temple’s thanks to all service members on Fort Hood.


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