62nd Engineer Battalion uncase colors in realignment ceremony

By: 1st Lt. Leanne Masserini
13th SC(E) Public Affairs

The 62nd Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, formerly under the 64th Corps Support Group, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) held their color uncasing and realignment ceremony January 5 at 13th SC(E)’s Guidon Field.

The 62nd recently returned from a year long deployment in Iraq, where they supported the 4th Infantry Division Multi-National Division Baghdad with more than 205 combat engineer missions. 

“This ceremony represents several endings and beginnings for the 62nd Engineering Battalion,” said Lt. Col. John Boule, commander of the 62nd , addressing his Soldiers and attendees at the ceremony. “Today we mark the end of our support for (Operation Iraqi Freedom) by uncasing our colors and we also mark the end of our formal command relationship with the 64th CSG and 13th SC (E).”

While in support of 4th ID, the 62nd constructed the ring around Baghdad, known as the Baghdad security belt. It was designed to control the entrance into the city through 30 entry control points manned by Iraqi security forces. This became one of many notable accomplishments for the 62nd during which they were charged with the responsibility of expanding Forward Operating Base Kalsu in a multimillion dollar endeavor to accommodate a full sized brigade combat team.

“The nearly 1,000 Soldiers of the 62nd fulfilled their destiny as the builders and bridgers of choice in Baghdad and al Anbar province during OIF 05-07,” Boule said. “Uncasing our colors marks the completion of our OIF 05-07 journey, a journey in which Hammer Time Soldiers made history enriching the proud and honorable legacy of one of the most decorated units in the Army’s engineer regiment.” 

Before stepping away from the lectern as the newest member to the 36th Eng. Bde. family, Boule said a heartfelt farewell to the 64th CSG and the 13th SC (E).

“To the 13th SC (E) and 64th CSG command teams and staff, thank you…,” he said. “We are proud that we got to serve with you and regretful that we are leaving your ranks.”

“Its appropriate that we end our command relationship with 13th SC(E) on Guidon Field, a field constructed by Soldiers of the 62nd ,” said Boule.

The 62nd realignment is necessary due in part to the 64th CSG coming inactivation. All 64th CSG subordinate units are slated to be realigned; it is part of the Army’s modular concept based on brigade-sized elements and is designed to build a more responsive force capable of performing joint and Expeditionary-type missions. 

The uncasing ceremony marked an official return home from their war time mission.


62nd Engineer Battalion uncase colors in realignment ceremony
62nd Engineer Battalion uncase colors in realignment ceremony