Temple Business Leaders Visit 13th SC (E)

By: Spc. Fabian Ortega
13th SC(E) PAO

Business owners and leaders from Temple met with Soldiers from the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) for a tour of 13th SC (E) and Fort Hood March 23. 

The city of Temple’s Military Affairs committee arranged the meeting to give Temple business owners and leaders an understanding of what the 13th SC (E)’s primary role is in military operations and in the community. 

“The group today is made up of business owners and business leaders from the Temple area that are interested in what is going with the military,” said Jim Granfor, member of Temple’s Military Affairs Committee. “They’re just trying to be good community leaders and trying to get involved with the military,” Granfor said.

“I had two missions today, my first was to get folks interested in becoming a part of the military affairs committee, because as the Soldiers increase and Soldiers change, we need more and more people to help become a part of this community here at Fort Hood,” said Granfor. “The second was to make people aware of the adopt-a-unit program.”

Granfor and 18 others made up the Temple group who toured 13th SC (E)’s units and some of Fort Hood.

“We were just elated that [Brig. Gen. Terry] opened up all of the units and allowed us to come be a part of them,” said Granfor.

The group from Temple began the day as they met with the 13th SC (E) commanding general, Brig. Gen. Michael J. Terry at the 13th SC (E) headquarters building. 

Terry addressed the group and talked about community relations and the importance it plays in the overall success of the 13th SC (E).

After the brief, the group headed out to meet with 13th SC (E)’s sustainment and transportation battalions. 

The group first stopped by a 553rd Corps Support Sustainment Battalion warehouse that serves as logistics hub. At the warehouse the group was given crash course in logistics and was shown why and how classes of supply are ordered and tracked. 

FFollowing the warehouse tour, the Temple group stopped by to see some of the Army’s most relied upon transportation vehicles when they visited with Soldiers from the 180th Transportation Battalion.

“The feedback I’ve been getting from those who participated today is they were absolutely blown away with the types of things they got to witness and in particular the Soldiers’ positive attitudes,” said Granfor. “Even when some of the people from Temple got the Soldiers just off to the side, talking one on one, they are very proud of what they are doing very proud of who they are working for and very proud who they are and what they represent in the Army,” explained Granfor. 

Vic Gillett, a former Soldier and a retired business leader from Temple, also left the 180th Trans with a bit of impressed

“One of the things that impressed me about those vehicles, those are major expenses that save man power, they’re just an asset, and it makes moving cargo in the battlefield so much faster,” said Gillett.

After the transportation display and meeting with Soldiers, the visitors from Temple headed to the Freeman Dining Facility for some Army chow and then set off to see an exhibition at one of Fort Hood’s newest training facilities, the Medical Training Simulation Center. 

A team of three 1st Medical Brigade, 13th SC (E) Soldiers showed the Temple group training many medics and combat life savers receive. The Soldiers were in a simulated combat environment taking live fire from paintball rifles and listening to Muslim prayers blare from loud speakers, all while medically treating and evacuating a wounded Soldier. 

“The medical simulation is very good tool for medics, to have this teaching without having to use live people, I was just very impressed,” said Gillett. “I’ve always been very impressed,” said Gillett, who has been part of Temple’s Military Affairs Committee for 13 years and has been a regular on Fort Hood for about as long. 

AAfter a last stop with a dental company and veterinary detachment, the group met at the 13th SC (E) commanding general’s living quarters where Terry presented Granfor with a 13th SC (E) Operation Iraqi Freedom print as a gesture of gratitude.

“This (print) is symbolic because it represents the different facets of our organization and what we do,” Terry said. br> 
Terry said it was presented as a token of our appreciation for everything Temple does for the 13th SC (E).

BBefore parting, Granfor said he was most impressed with the fervor Soldiers displayed.

“If we had this kind of enthusiasm in our company, we would probably have a 100 million dollar a year company,” said a half-kidding Granfor. “The go get ‘em spirit, Soldiers don’t have to be here, they could be doing something else, Temple appreciates what the military is doing for us locally and worldwide,” Granfor said.


Command Sgt Maj Diedra Jones and Lt Col Kevin Stevens
Command Sgt. Maj. Diedra Jones watches as Lt. Col. Kevin Stevens takes the Brigade Troops Battalion colors from Brigade Commander Col. Gustave Perna (right) while Lt. Col. William Schiek (inside right) looks on during a change of command ceremony on Sadowski Parade Field here March 15. Stevens is the new commander of the BTB, 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary).