Women's 'Her Story' Month

By: Spc. Karly Cooper
15th SB, Public Affairs

CAMP TAJI, Iraq — Soldiers from around the “WagonMaster” footprint took time to recognize Women’s History Month at the Camp Taji base theater Mar. 7.

Sponsored by the 867th Corps Support Battalion, 15th Sustainment Brigade, unit equal opportunity teams highlighted females from past and present who touched lives with their determination and achievements. 

Lt. Col. Angela Odom, 15th Personnel Services Battalion commander, spoke of her grandmother, who just celebrated her 101st birthday. Odem delighted the crowd with stories describing what a great influence she has been in her life. Close to her grandmother since she was a small child, Odem felt that her grandma would be a great person to honor. 

“My grandma is a strong woman, who has traditional values and still stands up for what is right,” said the Jackson, Miss., native.

Women’s History Month has expanded in the military since the inception of Women’s History Week in 1978. In 1987, a joint Congressional resolution expanded the celebration from a one-week observance, to the entire month of March in recognition of females.

“People often ask why we have these observances for these months,” Odom said. “We take this moment to learn about facts that were once obscured and what it takes to create ‘Her Story’”. 

Staff Sgt. Ronnie Larmeu, the 867th CSB equal opportunity representative, spoke on television talk show tycoon Oprah Winfrey, and her rise within the media realm. Since the mid 1980s, Winfrey continues to reach out and touch the lives of people all over the world.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, the triumph always begins with you,” Larmeu said. She emphasized that the observance and females can achieve great success in anything that they do,” 

Sgt. Shameka Kimp, a chaplain’s assistant with the 15th Brigade Troops Battalion, read a poem called ‘Phenomenal Woman’. Her interpretation showcased the broad spectrum of what it takes to be a female. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother at home, vacuuming with a baby on your hip or you are the chief executive officer at a multi million dollar corporation, she is phenomenal,” she said.

“It’s so neat that even though we are combat that these events are being highlighted; it’s a lot of fun and is something for the Soldiers to look forward to,” said Spc. Emily Gold, an administrative assistant with the 1687th Combat HET Company.

Throughout the celebration, speakers continued to emphasize the point, “Do not allow others to determine how much you can achieve; keep your joy and dreams.”


Sgt Shameka Kimp
CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Sgt. Shameka Kimp, a chaplain's assistant from HHC, 15th BTB, 15th SB, performed the poem, Phenomenal Woman, at the Women's History Month observance 7 Mar. at the base theater. (U.S. Army Photo by Spc. Karly Cooper, 15th SB PAO)