13th SC(E) held first town hall meeting

By Spc Fabian Ortega
13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) PAO

The 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) announced possible extension and homecoming dates for Soldiers currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, in a town hall meeting held at Fort Hood’s Catering and Conference Center May 17. 

In the 13th SC (E)’s first town hall meeting of the year, Brig. Gen. Michael Terry, commanding general of the 13th SC (E) addressed Family members and Soldiers about the Army’s new 15 months deployed, 12 months at home deployment policy.

In his address Terry stated the new 15/12 policy was done for the right reason, to make sure that the Soldiers have at least a year at home prior to deploying again. 

“The 13th SC (E) is no stranger to deployments, since the Global War on Terrorism had begun we’ve been deployed,” Terry said. “In 2001we had Soldiers deploy to Afghanistan, followed by Soldiers deploying to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and of course our deployments to Iraq and Kuwait. Ever since then we’ve had one third of our formation from the 13th SC (E) deployed at any given time,” Terry said.

Terry said the new deployment policy will benefit units such as the 96th Transportation Company, currently on its fifth rotation. The 96th Trans, who falls under the 13th SC (E), current rotations are 6/6, which means they deploy for six months and are at home for six months. The new policy will provide them with some “well deserved time at home station,” Terry said.

Before announcing the possible return and extension dates, Terry noted that dates are not “set in stone,” and said he felt he owed it to Families and to Soldiers that the 13th SC (E) provide the best available information to them right now.

Possible extensions for currently deployed 13th SC (E) units include: 
15th Sustainment Brigade (in support of the 1st Cavalry Division) to early November; 263rd Ordinance Company to early December; 44th Chemical Company to late December; 2nd Platoon, 151st Adjutant General Company to mid-March 2008; 3rd Platoon, 60th Ordinance Company to late April 2008; and two 571st Movement Control Teams to early May 2008.

No dates will be confirmed until June, said Terry. A meeting is slated to take place in June to discuss homecoming and extension dates.