New Sustainment command: 316th to build on 13th foundation

By: Spc. Jay Venturini

LSA ANACONDA, Iraq — The 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) from Coraopolis, Pa. assumed authority of the logistical support mission for the Iraq Theater from the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) (SC(E)) on Aug. 8.

“This is a historic event with the 316th being the first command to use the Army’s new modular force logistics structure. This structure changes the way we provide logistical support on the battle fields today,” said Col. Karen Jennings, deputy commanding officer for the 316th ESC. 

“With the unit standing up in September 2006, just 10 months ago, the progress we have made is just outstanding,” said Jennings.

The 316th is comprised of Soldiers from 43 states and four countries, and have attended over 500 training courses to help them ready for their mission since standing up. 

“We have a tough road ahead of us. Our Soldiers will be outside the wire daily but our Soldiers are disciplined, well trained and committed to excellence. The 13th has laid a great foundation for the 316th to build upon,” said Jennings

The 316th continues the mission of planning, monitoring and providing daily logistical support to Soldiers in the fight throughout Iraq. 

The incoming commanding general for the 316th is Brig. Gen. Gregory E. Couch and the incoming command sergeant major is Command Sgt. Maj. Stacey E. Davis.

“I am confident Brig. Gen. Couch, Command Sgt. Maj. Davis and all the other Soldiers and Airmen of the 316th will meet the 13th standards and then surpass them,” said Brig. Gen. Michael J. Terry, 13th‘s SC(E) commanding general.

“I can’t say enough about how prepared the 316th was upon arrival,” said Terry. “Because of their enthusiasm and dedication, the transition process went seamlessly.”

The 13th SC(E), headquartered in Fort Hood, Texas, is passing on a well organized and very successful system to the 316th, said Terry.

“What the 13th has accomplished is simply remarkable” said Maj. Gen. James Simmons, deputy commanding general for Multinational Corps- Iraq. “The 13th has executed over 35,000 combat logistical patrols, they have driven over 19 million miles, they have moved over 780 million gallons of fuel, 3.2 billion gallons of bulk water and 28 million cases of bottled water to forward operating bases throughout this country.”

The 13th SC(E) officially handing over the reins to the 316th ESC marks a new chapter for the Army, a chapter that will no doubt be very successful said Terry.