4th SB conducts predeployment training

Story and Photos by Pvt. James T. Hemingway
13th SC(E) Public Affairs Office

FORT HOOD, Texas — The 4th Sustainment Brigade started training here this month for a deployment in March.

The training consisted of land navigation, mounting and dismounting military vehicles, vehicle searches and detaining of suspicious people.

According to Warrant Officer Howard, 4th SB, the training will come to an end on October 12.

When asked, Howard said the training has been beneficial   Howard stated this training was helpful and she learned that Soldiers should never let their guards down and should always be alert.

Howard said, “Vehicle searches were a big thing that the Soldiers have learned.”

She also stated that the sustainment Soldiers have learned how to mount and dismount vehicles.

Howard added, “Land navigation was a big success and the Soldiers grasped the concept.”

She stated that this training is for the deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan for he 4th SB.  Howard said she would not change a thing about the training if she could.