4th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers will Donate Proceeds to Red Cross for California Fire Victims

4th Sustainment Brigade Public Affairs Office

FORT HOOD, Texas — The 4th Sustainment Brigade Commander is scheduled to present a check to the Red Cross in remembrance of the Calif. wildfire victims.

24 wildfires consumed more than 800,000 acres and directly affected more than 880,000 individuals, resulting in whole communities being evacuated, including seven deaths and more than 90 injuries.

Soldiers in the unit were affected by this natural disaster personally, with several Soldiers’ families having to be relocated due to losing their homes in the wildfires.

“The fires were moving fast, the firefighters were overwhelmed and the weather wasn’t helping,” said Humberto S. Silva, the former brigade commander’s driver, “my family was evacuated temporarily and went to go live with several family members that lived in other cities.”

With this disaster affecting our Soldiers, Soldiers within the command were allowed to wear civilian clothes to work on Nov. 21 and given an opportunity to donate money to will help Calif. wildfire victims.

The brigade raised 4000 dollars in remembrance of the Calif. wildfire victims. The money is scheduled to be presented Dec. 20 to the local Red Cross Chapter by check at the 4th Sustainment Brigade Headquarters located at Bldg. 14010

Local media representatives are invited to attend the check presentation. Any media requesting escort may contact Spc. John D. Ortiz at least 24 hours before the event at (915) 373-7125 or john.d.ortiz@us.army.mil.